You Will Find More Beautiful Features In Madden 18

As we all know, Madden NFL 18 will reveal a new story mode, called Longshot, which will add more fun in new season, and from the trailer, we can know it is much better than ever Madden series Whether from the visual or auditory effect of view. For more Madden 18 information, you can follow madden-store, where provide safe madden mobile coins.


Conceptually, this is always in the game, but now it seems to be defined, and more beautiful. There are some techniques that can be used by the DB in the fight against the front to prevent the WR route. In turn, the receiver has a counter that can bounce him up.

It is almost like a high-tech version of Rock, Paper, Scissors, but even if the recipient loses the initial exchange, he can also move left or right to escape the goalkeeper. This handy chart is included in the development blog to explain.

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