Win more ffxiv gil with the better understanding of jobs

ffxiv f.a.t.e

Specialized Classes, otherwise known as Jobs are another set of classes players can get in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. While the amount FFXIV Gil you’ll need to spend to support all of these classes may seem daunting, the opportunities they give are priceless.

For a character to change to a Specialized Class, that class needs to be unlocked first for the character on that FFXIV account. This is done by getting the associated combat classes to the required levels. After that, it’s a simple matter of talking to a Guildmaster. Your character will be given a Soul Gem that you can equip to use that Job. Finally, you can go and earn your FFXIV Gil using the new Job.

Jobs are tied to their main classes through levels. If have level up as a Black Mage, your Thaumaturge class will also level. This also works in reverse. If you level up your Thaumaturge combat class while hunting for FFXIV items, then your Black Mage level will also go up. This can save you FFXIV Gil in the long run since you’ll get two level ups for the cost of one.

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