WildStar Warrior

In WildStar, the main weapon for Warrior is Tech Sword. Equipped with Heavy armor, Warrior play the role of Tank in the team generally.

WildStar Warrior Advanced Weapon:

wildstar warrior

Races available for Warrior:
Exile: Human / Granok / Mordesh
Dominion: Cassian / Draken / Mechari

Warrior Class Positions and Features
Roles: DPS or Tank
Weapon: Sword technological
Armor: Medium, Heavy
Resources skills: kinetic Cells
Main Features: Force (DPS), Technology (Tank)
Solo ability: Medium
Farm WildStar Gold ability: Medium

Warrior Stance (R skill)

Stance: Onslaught
intro:Increases Damage Dealt by 35% and reduces Damage Mitigation by 2%.
Activate: Reset Assault and Support ability cooldowns and trigger Overdrive for 8.0s.
Overdrive: Prevents Kinetic Energy decay, increases Damage Dealt by 25%, increases Damage Taken by 14.9%, and reduces Incoming Healing by 40%.

Stance: Juggernaut
intro:Increases all Resistances by 5%, increases Max Shields , and increases Threat Generation by 150%.
Activate: Trigger Bulwark for 10.0s.
Bulwark: Prevents Kinetic Energy decay, reduces Damage Taken by 70%, increases Threat Generation by 75%, and reduces Damage Dealt by 25%.

Charge and Lead is the inborn ability of Warrior. No matter it is in the Dungeons or PVP, Warrior is always the one who leads the team and fight in the front. High survivability can make them inconvincible in the battle. It may be true that Warrior is not the best DPS. But Best Tank Title always belongs to Warrior.

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