WildStar Spellslinger Basic Leveling Guides

WIldStar Spellslinger

The spellslinger is primarily a class that is full of dps skills, and you will find that focusing on this role will make WildStar Power leveling easier. Leveling from one to twenty is fairly simple and may take you only a day. You can participate in PVP if you choose, or simply do quests. At the current time in the beta, it seems that after level twenty, the exp you get from PVP is much lower than quests, so stick with PvE for leveling.

They are adept at long rang combat, pulling damage, and are even able to heal themselves and others with magic abilities. This combination makes them a useful character to solo with, and utilizing these strengths will help you level your character faster. Charged shot is a great way to pull enemies to you, so take advantage of this. If you aim it right, you can do massive amounts of damage to a handful of enemies at once. This makes it possible to kill all the enemies you fight before they hit you. This is skill is best to pair up with the wildstar engineer. The spellslinger’s attack arc is a bit smaller than other classes because they use pistols, so you should try to have enemies in a line for maximum benefit. Avoid getting in situations where enemies can surrounds you, as a spellslinger, you will be at a disadvantage.

Don’t forget about your healing spells, you have them for a reason! You will most likely kill your enemies before they are able to deal any significant damage to you. However, you never know when another enemy is nearby and may surprise you. As of now, spellslingers are on par with esper class and even the medic when it comes to healing.

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