WildStar Server List Released

Greating News, the WildStar server list finally released for the headstart! You and your guild can pick up the server you like! And, Wildstarstore.com would always here provide the latest news about Wild Star 24 Hours. This list maybe change after the official release game, please keep eyes on our site! Well, see you on headstart!

wilstar server list

North America
Avatus (PvE)
Caretaker (PvE)
Mikros (PvE)
Orias (PvE)
Stormtalon (PvE)
Thunderfoot (PvE)
Pago (PvP)
Pergo (PvP)
Widow (PvP)
Evindra (Roleplaying)
Myrcalus (Oceanic PvE)



Ascendancy (PvE)
Eko (PvE)
Hazak (PvP)
Lightspire (Roleplaying)


Kazor (PvE)
Ikthia (PvE)
Progenitor (PvP)
Toria (Roleplaying)


Stormfather (PvE)
Treespeaker (PvP)
Triton (Roleplaying)

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