Wildstar Runecrafting and Rune Attribute Introduction

In the Wildstar, the attribute of rune are divided into 8 categories. First, we would like to introduce the process of Runecrafting. If you want to craft rune, you should have enough materials. How can we get materials? To purchase from Auction House is the easiest way, or you can ask your friends present to you. Of course, you can farm materials by yourself in the designated area. The detailed information about rune materials location we would summarize next article.

engraving station

Create Runes and Equip Runes location are near to the Engraving Station. The main city only has one rune crafting station, as you can see in this picture:

To click “F” enter into crafting interface


The Rune Attribute can enhance the current attribute value, and the General Rune Set hasn’t attribute bonus. To click any Rune, the requirement materials would show up on the bottom.

General Rune Set

rune set atrribute

As for now, the Rune Set has three levels, 35 level, 45 level and 50 level. Now, we illustrates the effect of Rune Set.
When you equip with 6 same runes you would increased armor y 700 when the volatility between 25% and 75%. Of course, more runes you have, more armor you can get.

Now, open the Equip Runes Interface

equip runes

This interface listed the items which can equip runes. Some people create the runes can not equip because you should pay attention on the type of sockets. As from this picture, this item only can equip the Fire Runes. In addition that if your items have several sockets, the cost would increase in the later. Once the rune was removed, it can’t reserved.

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