What Is The Most Broken Feature in Fifa 15 ?

FIFA 15 is a tricky game to score. On the one hand, in my review I praise many of its mechanics and improvements, but the next line goes on to critique some problems of it .

Protect the bal

fifa 15 protect the ball

It just doesn’t work. As soon as you press LT you “invite” the AI to run you over and take the ball. And it doesn’t even matter if you are controling stronger or weaker player. It is just a broken feature that frustrate me. 


fifa 15

It is one of the most fundamental things in a video football game and it has been hopelessly broken for years. This is especially true of manual switching. It claims it won’t switch if you don’t hit the trigger. This is a flat out lie as it switches on you every time you pass and frequently when on defense. There is no way to have manual switching on offense like PES does and if you are using manual passing the switch will often be to the wrong player, who is often offside. On defense you often bounce around to terrible choices especially on an air ball. Nothing more annoying to have a player not even close to a forward be switched to and have the guy you wanted to switch to just sit and stair as the cross flies in. Of course terrible switching is exacerbated by the lack of ball awareness by your AI players. The ball is coming at you, should you, A react and go after it? .. B sit and stare or run away? Guess what happens time after time? There were constant threads on here last yearn complaining about switching and EA ignored this problem.

Do you think so? what is your opinion?


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