The Most Important Thing in Blade & Soul:Skills

All 7 classes in Blade and Soul have completely different skill sets. And each skill has its own style and set that requires different attributes and training. Your martial artist can practice and improve each skill endlessly with a skill point resulting in a better efficiency and usage. It depends on a player how you want to develop your skill to make the most out of it. Because of this variation, there are so many ways to play each class. Your Kung Fu Master can be totally different from your friend’s Kung Fu Master.Maybe you can be stronger than your friend.By a way,farming cheap blade and soul gold is also useful to improve your abilities.

Skill Tree
As soon as you begin your life as a martial artist and go down into the way of Wulin, a Martial Tome containing the Hongmoon Clan’s mystic skills will be given to you. The Tome will be different between each class. The Martial Tome is special with each martial artist able to develop their own way of fighting style and combos no matter what class they are. It lists all available skills and requirements with a unique skill tree for that class, and each skill could be unlocked by a skill point obtained when level-up.
Skill tree, abilities, descriptions, conditions, and requirements are listed clearly within a Martial Tome. You can decide the way you want to improve your martial art skill since the beginning of your journey.

How to Develop Skills
Each skill can be improved for variation effects. Some will boost more strength, some might help you deal more dps, some enhances your healing skills, some will give you a better combo, and more. Literally, the door to improve your martial artist will be opened wider every time you a get skill point when leveling up.
A martial artist can sharpen their own skill every time they want even when outside a fight. Be reminded that it’s not necessary to develop only one build per martial artist. Blade and Soul offers a way to open a new page in a skill book giving an option to save different kinds of builds. This way, a martial artist can swap their strength and abilities at will in any way they want. To show an example of how this swapping builds system works, a martial artist can create a build focusing on damage and balance while making a way into Wulin and can change into a support style while enhancing martial artist skills with friends during a dungeon run.
Remember: there’s is no best build in the world of a martial artist. Each martial artist has his/her own way of fighting. It’s recommended to develop and enhance skills in a way each player prefers.

Ultimate Skill
A tale from an old legend says that there are a lot of hidden powers hiding deep down in Jianghu. When a martial artist can discover these powers, a new ultimate skill will be given to him. These skills can not be obtained through traditional ways such as training, leveling, or spending skill points. And it’s only available to a group of selected martial artists who will get this ultimate power. Be alert and talk to local people in a tavern and listen carefully to their story. They love to talk about all mysterious powers. And these powers await you.

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