The Impressions From Latest Beta In ESO: Morrowind

The Morrowind series has always been one of the titles that have always been praised by RPG players. When we go out into the market we are talking about a cult production that has attracted attention with almost all of its games and has appealed to millions in a way.


The work for The Elder Scrolls Online started in 2007. During the construction phase, many gossip about the game, finally in 2014 was able to show itself. In the beginning, the construction, which was subject to monthly consolidation, quickly decided to change the payment method and from this point on, the upgrade went on. Tamriel Unlimited downloadable content, which brought all these innovations, followed in 2016 by Gold Edition, which hosted major DLCs such as Imperial City, Orsinium, Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood.

The game that caused great repercussions during the period when we went to the market, unfortunately we could not pass by the achievement of single-player games as we will understand from the historical developments. There were many factors in this situation. In particular, the bugs on the way to the market, many of the players shortly away from TESO. In addition, WoW, which holds the market, has unfortunately succeeded in attracting end users to every “familiar system”. It is very possible to list many items on the subject, but it is TESO: Morrowind plug-in which is expected to be on the market on June 6, rather than the troubles of our position TESO.

From MMOs who have been able to renew themselves regularly while in TESO market. Yes, maybe he did not reach the target number of players but at the moment he is host to the player that is not underestimated. Our new addition, Morrowind, seems to increase this amount a little. As can be understood from the name of our game, it is called Vvardenfell in Morrowind region. We have already experienced this area in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. So we can say that it is a much more exciting add-on for lovers of this game. For fans of the series, it is useful to note that; New add-on, The Elder Scrolls III: It’s about 700 years ago from Morrowind.

Being on the Morrowind map is a pleasant experience, but we have also observed that some of the cliches can not escape unfortunately. When we start to create a new character in the game, we say hello to the world as a prisoner again. We are rescued by an Assassin from a ship crash, and soon we are trying to save a whole team of Morrowind by himself.

No doubt the greatest addition to the game is The Warden class. Since TESO has been produced, we have encountered a number of innovations in this period, but for the first time we encounter a new class. To experience the Warden class we need to open the first level character. At least in early access the system worked like this. Our character is powered by nature.

On the one hand, with this power, different healing can do magic, but on the other hand it can be used to harm enemies. The talent trees that he has are listed as follows: Animal Companions, Green Balance and Winter’s Embrace. Although they can use different weapons, we can say that their abilities fit the most.

Except for our new character, the game adds lots of new content. The first of these comes with new Trial. In TESO: Morrowind, where a total of 12 new Trials will be added, we will have a chance to see Clockwork City much closer. Of course the multiplayer part is not forgotten either. Aspiring players will be able to go to Ashlands and participate in deathmatch-style wars in this region.

Obviously I have not been in the game since a year ago. I started with a big gas, but after the critical decisions made by the bugs and the producer company that kept me cool from it, I did not look again anymore, but the Morrowind plugin let me see the changes that happened in the past year. I can not say that I am still accustomed to the mechanics of war and some technical problems of the game, but it is absolutely a fact that it has an enormous atmosphere. Let’s see if June 6 will give ZeniMax Online the power to get out of the beach right?

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