Poe 3.3 Ballista Tourista Build for Hierophant

Have you ever felt they have to run along Poe maps happily listening towards the sound of Poe currency falling though playing a tower defense? Effectively, wait no longer! This Build present to you the Ballista Tourista build. Nine totems all outputting consequential damage and resulting in extra resistance on your part due to the new hierophant ascendancies.

+ Reasonably safe to play
+ Superior DPS
+ 9 Totems
+ You run fast
+ Resistant to five.5K Successful HP & Massive regen
+ Rapid totem summoning
+ Great Uber Lab Farmer

– Totem build (A lot of people don’t like them)
– Can be hard to gear up, costly early league
– Prone to one shot
– Elemental resistances are a pain to cap
– Not an 8M DPS build
– All maps contain many totems

Defences :
* 30% dodge
* 39% evade w/o blind (70 with)
* 5k5+ EHP (4k+ life, 1k4+ mana)
* 9% HP and 4.5% mana regen per second with Hierophant ascendancy alone

Damage :
* 9 Totems pelting out destruction
* 5 Totems placed per second (almost 6 with the helmet enchant)
* 77,000 * 9 = 693,000 DPS on shaper/guardians without flasks and Hierophant totem kill buff
* Did you say nine totems?


Fast Leveling Guides
As far as when you can actually play ballista, you personally did a swap once you had my second ascendancy, and the non-expensive uniques ready (Hyrri’s bite, Iron Commander, Wild wrap) and it absolutely shredded through all the bosses past that point (deathless all levelling bosses, most dead in a matter of seconds, if not it’s because of phases).
Have gotten feedback, playing with IC+Ballistas is viable as early as 42 with his sorrow.
Once you have the iron commander and 4-5 totems, all you’re doing is optimizing.
you started mapping with all uniques listed in the build, but a 4l and uncapped resistances. Steamrolled through yellow maps, then got extremely lucky and 6l’d my bow, and recently Vaal’d my hybrid for a +1 arrow for shits & giggles.
It’s dirt cheap to start off with (If you’re not going for max dex on each item, the most expensive ones together are worth 60c total at this point), and optimizing it helps, but isn’t a massive upgrade (110 or 116 atramentous isn’t going to change much for example)

Playstyle :
As far as map clearing goes, I pop quicksilver and run like the wind while dropping totems in clusters of 2-3 barely invisibility of each other. If a significant rare/unique, lose a few a lot more, keep on running. Every once in an even though a frenzy can help to keep your charges up. you will be honest I’m often too lazy even to bother.
For bosses make sure all of your totems are always summoned, and close enough towards the boss (We do have Point Blank, and we have to have the regen of our Hierophant Ascendancy). Then, frenzy whenever possible for charges and Elemental Overload, and avoid colors. GG boss is dead.

PoB Link: https://pastebin.com/jQfvfDK4
Skill Tree: https://tinyurl.com/yda9v8sx
Example Link: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2108562/

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