NBA 2K17: Get VC From MyLeague And MyGM As Swiftly As Possible

The new “NBA 2K17″ has been out now for quite some time, so we have made several tips that could help gamers especially for people who do not have much time to jump into a higher level to get the game VC from MyLeague and MyGM modes.

Many were delighted when the NBA 2K17 was made available for Xbox One, PS4 and Windows PCs this September. The game comes with new mechanics and upgrades though its Virtual Currency (VC) system remains the same as the previous versions.

Players can get VC by participating in the game’s various modes. VC can be invested in MyPlayer for ability upgrades, as well as cosmetic upgrades. But players who tend to be busy with other things find it challenging to participate in NBA 2K17’s several modes. The good news is that there are ways to get VC as swiftly as possible.

The trick is to spend some real money. Interested players who do not mind spending for their favorite game can make a purchase directly from the Xbox Store and PlayStation Store. Aside from this trick, a YouTube video shows a new NBA 2K17 cheat which allows player to stack VC from the title’s MyLeague and MyGM Modes. Catch this helpful cheat by watching the clip below.


YouTuber Honsyy2k has also found a pretty reliableway to glitch the game into giving you virtual currency. Gamers just need to add virtual currency to their cart, then cancel and accept at the same time. However, there are some people stated that as with all the other hacks and cheats for NBA 2K17, it’s a good idea to be careful with this one. To learn more about this hack, watch the video below.

While using NBA 2K17 cheats and hacks is quite appealing, gamers should be aware that it can also cause serious risk. Players should remember that the 2K experience has access to online servers that you could wind up without access to. That is when you are caught cheating.

For more NBA 2K17 news and cheats, check out the latest issue of U4NBA or visit the website at We’ll keep you updated with more news regarding the game.

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