MU Legend: Hitting 150k Combat Power Guide

I hit 65/64, I’m rocking a full ancient set with an ancient staff. I’ve noticed almost every party searching group wants 150k cp or higher and I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to reach it. I normally catch on to games extremely fast but I guess something about mu legends have you confused on the best way to gain combat power.

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Socket your gear, highest tier gems in each slot or the soul stones/gems if you have the mats for it. Enchant your gear too when you have a hard to upgrade piece of equipment, I’d say don’t go past +3 if you want to be safe with your Jewels of Bless. Pets help, costumes help if you can afford them, imprint scrolls for attack on each piece of gear. All that should boost you quite a bit

Putting the top level beast or demon jewels is the cheapest way to get there. I think from memory about 400k per jewel not counting the gem powder, try to get artifact at least 20, beast gems in your items… If you need more, you can put +3 on your gear, if you need more use common imprint also. But if you gear is good, nobody will care about cp, my blader full mythic +7 and artifact 20 is not 150 k CP.

And comrade pets but obtaining them is pure from fabrice unless you pay. I got like 6 or 7 pets from fabrice already, one tier 2 and there rest tier 0 or 1. All were larvas or kobold. Better pet will help you gain combat power. If you lack of MU Legend Zen, you can choose U4GM. U4GM not only has cheaper MU Legend zen for sale but also guides to help you.

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