Madden NFL 18 Release One First Story Mode Called Longshot

If you are one of Madden 18 fans, you must have known that Madden NFL 18 release a new story mode called Longshot, and many Madden 18 fans indicate that they love the new update, because it is more interesting than boring rules before, they could participation in the game better and become the protagonist in Madden NFL 18.


Longshot Is the first ever story mode in Madden series, and the cinematic version in new mode makes the Madden NFL 18 more attractive, and the Visual effects and auditory effects are also a stick, you can feel the story inside the plot while you play the game colleagues.

So many Madden 18 fans are looking forward to play this new story mode as early as they can, Madden NFL 18 will be released on August 25, so all of Madden players just need to wait more two months, not very too long, we could feel Madden NFL 18 in advance though the trailer EA sports revealed, I guess there will be more and more Madden NFL 18 trailers later.

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