Final Fantasy XIV Characters And Official Trailer Details

It’s said to that Final Fantasy XIV is a hugely story-driven MMO, some characters of Final Fantasy XIV, each is different, today, let’s see the details about Final Fantasy XIV’s character. If you want to learn details about Final Fantasy XIV, you can head on over to:


Lyse, the “brash and impulsive” girl in red from the trailer, longs to free her homeland. Yoshi said the day may come “when she must rise to the occasion and become a leader of men”, so expect that towards the end of 4.0’s story. Are you looking forward to buying cheap FFXIV Gil?

We also learned a little bit about Stormblood’s antagonists, too, Zenos yae Galvus, the crown prince of the Garlean empire, and Yotsuyu, the acting governor of occupied Doma. Yotsuyu is beautiful and charming — and also racist as hell, as far as the doman people are concerned — he’s visited the far-east and developed a passion for katanas.

We’re introduced to Hien, a Doman prince loved by his people who disappeared some time ago, and Fordola, an Ala Mhigan born after the start of the Garlean occupation, considered a traitor by her own people and a savage by the Garleans. Raubahn and Pippin will also be making an appearance, with Raubahn getting a full origin story.

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