Fight Destroyer Bots in Blade & Soul

I play pretty casually and I’m just starting to rank up in 1v1 pvps since the last season reset.

Since I got blade & soul gold I’ve seen nothing but destroyer bots. I literally had a win streak of 13 destroyer bots in a row before i finally fought another player in “pvp”

I’ve been fighting a ratio of 20 destroyer bots per 1 actual person. WHEN DOES IT END!? I’m at about 1800 right now and there seems to be no end to these bots.

I think the worse part is when I somtimes lose to a bot! I de-rank knowing I’m more likely to get another bot, and I just CONTRIBUTED TO MY OWN PROBLEM!

What’s the point of “pvp” if i can’t fight players? I’ve fought so many destroyer bots now, i forgot how to fight players and non destoryer classes. I feel like if I have to get past gold to get out of this bot hell, I won’t be skilled enough to maintain the rank anyways. Do you have the same question? If you have, let’s talk about it.

Some other players think that bronze to gold is all bots with the smattering of real players.

you start fighting actual people in high gold and platinum, but even then, i’ve fought a random bot or two in platinum as well.

if you wanna fight real players, get past the bot army and then ask for spars in lobby chat, or, just bite the bullet and queue.

Do you have any other ideas? Welcome to our site, we can talk about,and also you can buy blade & soul gold here.

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