FIFA 15 Team of the Week 12

Another Wednesday, another Team of the week is released. Sadly this time around this is probably one of the worst ToTW in recent memory. There are a few bright spots in this team, including some unexpected diamonds.

Felix Wiedwald (73)  - One of two goalkeepers in this team of the week, but sadly neither are gold, he got this for shutting out Borussia Dortmund, and overall has a decent card for being a silver. Definitely useful for a silver Bundesliga squad.

Darijo Srna (80) - Overall, he is best suited as a CDM with those stats, but he played a phenomenal game as a right back this past weekend. If you can overcome that pace, well you’ve got a really good passer which is key when starting plays from the backfield.

Glen Johnson (78) - Another solid game for Glen Johnson which was something Liverpool needed, and that’s why he gets himself an in-form this week. Since he’s in the Premier League, he’ll go for a bit more than discard, basically because the right-back position is weak with exception of Kyle Walker. Probably around 15K, but he’s not a player I’d actively look to buy.

Gael Clichy (81) - One of the bright spots of the ToTW, Clichy is going to be a must grab player in the BPL. Not many people like using Filipe Luis as a left-back in their squad, so the next best was Clichy. With him getting an inform he’ll be highly coveted and may go for about 20-30K.

Matias Fernandez (80) - A little bit of a hidden gem this week, as he’s got really good stats for a midfielder, with that 83 passing and 85 dribbling, he’ll be a cheap beast to put in a Serie A squad, maybe even a hybrid with Alexis Sanchez and Arturo Vidal could be a thing.

Miralem Pjanic (84) - One of the overall one of the highest rated cards this week, but not one of the best, he’ll probably be overpriced because of his rating, but is only slightly better than Fernandez. His chances at a hybrid are low, so I’d pass on this guy and go for the chepaer option in Fernandez.

Florian Thauvin (79) - Ehh? He’s probably my least favorite player in this ToTW, wont go for anything and his stats reflect it. Not too high of pace to make a difference, ok dribbling but his passing isn’t high enough to make me choose him over Lavezzi.

Carlos Vela (83) - The best player this week, and witih his hat trick this weekend, he deserved this card. For a right winger he’s got 87 pace, 88 dribbling, and 82 shooting (which isn’t higher due to heading being included in this stat). That card is absolutely insane! He’s definitely a must grab player who you can either use in a La Liga team, or even just a Mexican squad with Giovani dos Santos and Javier Hernandez, that would be a deadly front 3 in a False 9 formation.

Beñat (81) - Also another hidden gem this week, as he’s by far one of the best free-kick takers in the game, so he’s already good for that. With his pace being so low, he’ll easily be cheap, but he’s so good I’d pick him up regardless of the pace. The great shooting and passing alone are reasons to pick up this card.

Oscar Cardozo (80) - When I first saw this card, I straight up dismissed it and was like wow, no one is going to use this guy. As I look again at the card while writing this, I still have the same feeling about it, mostly. The only reason why it’s not completely a no, is because of that 89 shooting. Not that many players have that high of shooting, so this guy has a good header, and has a solid strike. So he’s easily going to go for 9-10K, and I’d give him a shout.

Klaas-Jan Huntelaar (85) - A hat trick gets him an IF, and again despite the pace, he’s got an ok card. He won’t be stupid expensive, and that shooting will be a good thing for any Bundesliga/Netherlands squad. He’s basically a better version of Cardozo.

The ToTW winds down with Moises Muñoz, Cresswell, Tosic(who looks to be great for a Russian League squad), Burns, Afobe, Granoche, and Drmic(who’s a hidden gem in the game). Let me know if you pack any of these great players!

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