Blade & Soul: The Differences between The Warlock and the Force Master

When you play Blade and Soul,you will find different from every classes.Both Warlocks and Force Masters are ranged fighters in Blade & Soul. But there are some differences between them. Here are some example illustrations.

1.For attack speed: Warlocks is faster than the Force Master.

The Warlocks skills have no trajectory time consumption. If you have already played as the Force Master before you try the Warlock, you will feel Blade & Soul Gold that the Warlock’s LB, RB, 2,3 and X keys have no trajectory time consumption. As a result, the attack speed of the Warlock is faster than the Force Master. So in terms of trajectory speed, the Warlock is way better than the Force Master.

2.For range of skills: Warlocks’ range of skills are rather large.

When it comes to the control skill, the Warlock uses Soul Shackle [shortcut 2] to snare enemies with a range 3 meters in diameter. You can see a circle on the ground, and as long as mobs enter the circle they will be locked. In addition, the skill effect is sustained. After Blade Soul Gold the mobs are locked, there will be an outbreak of Dragoncall. As a knockout skill, Warlock Tether Blade [X] is remote. Force Master’s Second Wind [TAB] can only be used near himself.

If you play as a Force Master, you can use Frost Nova [3] to lock mobs. Although range permafrost can be used, no one would really use it. Compared to the Warlock, the Force Master’s Frost Nova [3] is a one-time, inconsistent control. Therefore, in terms of range and practicality of control, Force Master is beat.

The Warlock has an auxiliary buff state which Force Master doesn’t have.

When it comes to DPS, Warlocks have crazy outbreak of Dragoncall, which Force Masters is hardly comparable.

Conclusion: The above comparison is already evident. If you are a beginner and are choosing between the Warlock and the Force Master, then the Warlock is recommended. This class has powerful DPS, the buff that other classes don’t have and impressive attack range and control. The Warlock also has Warding Charm.

Enjoy yourself! And if you want some cheap blade & soul gold, then we may help you.

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