Blade & Soul: Silverfrost Mountains Patch Notes

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Blade & Soul Update 2.0 – Silverfrost Mountains

Pursue Jinsoyun across a massive new region to avenge your master as the new Act IV storyline unfolds. Explore the regions of Silverfrost Mountains, and fight through two new 24-player zones, and the unique Grand Harvest Square server event.

The palatial and expansive mountain city of Zaiwei will serve as your new base of operations, activity hub, crafting workshop, and social center. Its broad thoroughfares and gold-leafed monuments are matched only by the city’s plights, and need for assistance from willing warriors.

Level 50 & Hongmoon Level 10
Gain experience to hit the new 50 character level cap, and increase your Hongmoon Level to unlock additional skill points, and new Hongmoon skills to expand your available defenses and offenses.

New Dungeons
Introducing eight exciting new dungeons—five Expert and three Heroic —which are available in both 6- and 4-member versions.

Soulstone Plains
Protect your Faction’s Soulstone mining operation from rival attacks in this level 50, faction-only area to earn valuable Soulstones and Moonstones.

Clan Crafting
Increase your clan level to unlock Clan Crafting, and begin making potions, items, and even a custom outfit for your clan members—a costume that can be designed by the clan, and then crafted for each member.

New Weapon Upgrade Path
Seamlessly transition from the current weapon and accessory upgrade paths to a new Silverfrost endgame upgrade track. Those who have already upgraded their weapons with endgame materials will skip ahead, while those who have yet to begin progressing at endgame will jump directly to the new system.

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