A Comprehensive Trading Guide on FIFA Make You From Rags to Riches

Hey pretty new to the sub, decided to give everyone some trading tips as I see a lot of posts asking when to buy players, when to sell players, who to invest in etc.



Here we start at the very bottom. If you think perhaps there is no money to be made with such a small starting amount of investment and thus get in the cycle of buying packs as soon as you reach that 7.5K mark, then read on. At this stage you probably want to deal with the consumable side of things.

Consumables – Rare silver player contracts on a Sunday night, or early Monday morning can go for 150 if you mass bid. The beauty with these contracts is that they give gold players +18 games, where as non-rare gold contracts give +10 games and sell for a higher price. With that being said, once you manage to pick up your first say 10 contracts (150 x 10 = 1500 FIFA coins spent) then you need to re-list them at bid now 250 and BIN 300. These actually sell very well and helped me really generate revenue in those first few weeks of FIFA. Now remember, these won’t sell instantly especially on a Sunday/Monday as there is a low amount of players online. Come Friday and Saturday these cards will be selling in mass as large amounts of players come online and are willing and able to buy cards at a higher price as demand is much higher. Going back to our original amount in question so if we sell all the contracts (300 x 10 = 3000) then we need to times that figure by 0.95 to work out the 5% EA tax, so that leaves us with 2,850 which is a profit of 1,350 FIFA coins from as little as 10 cards. Now think about the bigger picture, sell 100 cards over a week (not a particularly hard thing to do, just keep re-listing) then the profit works out to be 13,500. As you can see the money can keep building up and over the course of a few weeks you will have a nice lump sum built up ready for investment. The beauty of this consumable method is that it can be done with other consumables such as squad fitness, fitness, chemistry styles, position changes etc you name it.


Once you are past the consumable stage and have built up a large surplus of cash somewhere within the range of 30K-50K you will be wanting to see increased returns or to put it simply, profit, from your investment. At this stage I recommend using the filters available on the transfer market to your advantage. You will be looking for primarily gold players, again on a Sunday/Monday, with expensive chemistry styles who are going for the same price or cheaper than the same player with a basic chemistry style. Example, the 82 rated non-rare Rodrigo Palacio is a card in high-demand due to his decent stats. At one stage when I used this method, his price was around 650-700 FIFA coins with a basic chemistry style. Now next I would filter to look for Palacio with the chemistry style “Hawk” on him. I would then mass bid on all of the cards with the “Hawk” chemistry style (CS) on him for roughly 700-750. I knew that a “Hawk” CS sold for 650 FIFA coins so if I picked up any cards at that price I was in for some profit. So say for example I bid and win 20 Palacio cards (with Hawk CS on) at 750 each on a Sunday night this will cost me 15,000. I then again, wait the week out patiently and on a Friday night when demand peaks I sell and Palacio price has risen anyway, you can probably shift all the Palacio’s for 1200 bid now and 1300 BIN. Again lets work out potential profits, so the 20 cards sell for 1300 so (20 x 1300 = 26,000) and with EA tax taken away we are left with 24,700. Minus our original investment of 15,000 and we have a healthy 9,700 profit from as little as 20 cards. Now, say you managed to bag 50 cards and sold them at the above prices, you are looking at a profit of 24,250 FIFA coins. Not too bad eh. Again, I may sound like a broken record however this can be done with a whole range of players and not just one. I am giving you the personal way in which I did things but it is possible with a large range of players. This again can be done for a few weeks and money again built up.


From here onwards it is plain sailing, the work required is minimal and you can sit back and reap the rewards. This stage requires a small amount of research using price comparison sites, however it is worth it in the long run. This stage is your single player investment stage. Thats right, 1 player can earn you tens of thousands of FIFA coins in under a week. I’m going to use the example of David Alaba. Alaba is the most recent example of a key investment that has really paid its dividends for me. If we take a look at FUTBIN we can see the graph for the price at which Alaba sells for. You will notice lots of fluctuations with the highest prices on Fridays for roughly 100K and the lows reaching 75K on Sundays. Now beware, when dealing with high card prices I cannot guarantee they will all stay stable, but for the most part follow the rule that if promotional packs are released, regardless of the day, prices of all players will drop as supply has increased whilst demand has remained relatively the same. This Sunday when prices are low anyway and due to the buying of the 50K packs I was able to find Alaba for a huge bargain of 65K. This weekend (unless more packs are released) I’m certain I can offload him for at least 90K, which is a huge profit of 20,500 (EA tax already calculated). For pretty much 5-10 mins of researching his prices and then bidding on a few until I got an Alaba at a price I was happy with I made 20.5K. Now say, you managed to pull 5 Alaba’s at that price and you can see your profits will be in excess of 100K. Again, this can be done with the all elite high demanded cards. This is a more personal route and hopefully you guys can take parts of this guide and use them elsewhere. I thought I would rather give a comprehensive personal guide than a vague guide that includes all reaches of trading.

Have any tips of your own to share? Let us know in the comments.



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